Ocean Beach Font



3-Stripe Art Deco Display font

Ocean Beach is a fun, retro, all-caps Nautical Art Deco headline font. It sports geometric letterforms, perfect circles and highly stylized crossbars with waves on several letters—think the beach, flags rippling in the breeze and Fred and Ginger tap-dancing merrily on the deck of a ship!

The inspiration for this font are the many whimsical nautical-themed buildings still to be found dotting the landscapes of America, from South Beach in Miami to hidden gems tucked away in industrial areas of southern California. I was fascinated by some of them when I was growing up, and in doing research on Art Deco styles I found many images of these wonderful buildings sporting portholes, streamlined moderne details and even faux rivets.

Ocean Beach is created with a 3-stroke detail, and the complexity of the design will be appreciated better in larger sizes of type (36 pts or larger). Use this font for any application that needs a bold, decorative or Art Deco look; great for signage, magazine layout, illustration, posters and packaging.

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